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Discover the digital creations of Digital Art Dealers, a Denver-based team specializing in custom mobile app development. Our portfolio showcases innovative, user-centric mobile apps that  prioritize the user experience and elevate businesses in the digital sphere. 


Digital Art Dealers collaborated closely with HeyGroupo's in-house team to integrate the React Native calendar library. Together, they developed a comprehensive event management calendar for HeyGroupo, tailored to fit both Android and iOS platforms. Impressively, the entire project was completed in under three weeks.

Tech Stack

React Native - React-Native-Calendar - NodeJS

Your Tales: Ai Stories

YourTales engaged the specialist services of Digital Art Dealers to conceptualize, design, and develop their ground-breaking AI-powered application from its initial stages. Utilizing our profound knowledge of React Native, coupled with our proven track record in AI application through projects such as Bingo, we were able to deliver a top-tier, efficient solution in an unprecedented timeline.

Tech Stack

React Native, Firebase, OpenAI, ChatGPT


Bingo Mobile App


Leveraging our expertise in mobile app development, the Digital Art Dealers team proudly presents Bingo – a cutting-edge mobile app built with React Native and powered by ChatGPT. With Bingo, we have combined the power of AI and our deep understanding of user experience to create an exceptional job proposal writing tool.

Tech Stack

React Native - Firebase - ChatGPT - Google Ad Mob

sop field Mobile app

Digital Art Dealers was hired by SOP to revamp their existing mobile app. We used our expertise in scalable software solutions and React Native technology to reduce the codebase by half and significantly decrease the number of bugs, all without losing any functionality. The end result was a more efficient, robust, and user-friendly app.

Tech Stack

React Native


sop driver Mobile app

SOP Works' field app, meticulously designed and developed by Digital Art Dealers, is a comprehensive tool that enables asphalt paving drivers to efficiently manage haul delivery. The app is not just a management tool but also a platform for documenting quality control results, which is integral to ensuring the high standard of SOP Works' services.

Tech Stack

React Native

players pal Mobile App

Players Pal is the ultimate way for Players to learn about the casinos around them, view their menus, learn how to play their games, and receive exclusive offers - from Free Play to free food and drinks and more.

Tech Stack

React Native - GRPC


pits pal Mobile App

Pits Pal is the ultimate way for casino staff to learn manage and best serve their visitors. Form singing them in, to providing them offers for the best service. Pits Pal is the one stop shop for great customer service at your casino.

Tech Stack

React Native - GRPC

123 Help Mobile app

Have hired Gabe (and team) multiple times for cross platform app work (ios and android) and each time has been terrific. He is good at estimating the work, he sticks to time tables, is responsive to client requests and understands both the technical requirements and the user interface requirements well

Tech Stack

React Native - Firebase

help-app-mock (1)
butter-behavior (1)

toasty Mobile App

Gabe (and his team) were incredible. He went above and beyond. Looking forward to working with him more!

Tech Stack

React Native

National Parks Nft web App

Tech Stack

React - Firebase - Web3 - Alchemy


React Native Template

Stars on Github

This template creates an empty react-native project with every package needed to build a basic scalable mobile app. From bottom-navigation to lottie integration and TailWindCSS support. Sponsored by Digital Art Dealers

Tech Stack

React Native - TypeScript

Munchkin - react native component library

Stars on Github

Building and designing components that we need for our projects from scratch can be time-consuming. Every developer has felt this pain at one point of their career of re-writing a button component for 10th time. For this reason we have created our very own react native component library

Tech Stack

React Native


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