how to develop a Custom Mobile App

Turning an app from idea to execution can be a long journey. Our goal, at Digital Art Dealers, is to guide our clients through the process of launching their app and help them make the right decisions to help their projects succeed.

While our development team can accommodate to any development process, here is our approach to developing a new app from scratch

Building apps is a collaborative art, that requires subject matter experts and mobile developers working together to solve difficult problems through mobile solutions.

Our team works with you clients to ensure that the right product is built, long before any engineering resources are spent, reducing the overall development cost. We work with you to identify and understand your target audience to create an app that truly resonates with them.

At this stage, our focus is to create a backlog of prioritized features to be delivered within a specific time frame that both the development team and the clients are comfortable agreeing to

At this stage, our designers focus on building out the prioritized set of features agreed on during the brainstorming phase

Our designers start off with wireframes to ensure that all stakeholder requirements are represented correctly. Once the wireframes are agree on, we use our in-house library to decide what components can be re-used to improve our delivery speed.

If any new components need to be built, our team works on adding them to our re-usable component library during this phase. This allows our team to better maintain projects and move at quicker speeds for most projects.

Wireframes, design & prototypes

Development Phase

This is where the bulk of costs for most apps come from. Our engineering team leverages cross-platform tools along with a few templates and a growing component library to reduce these costs.

Our development team focuses on providing quick turn around with features to ensure that stakeholders are kept up to date with the progress on their projects. This allows them to provide feedback as needed to ensure that the proper project is made.

Once our engineering team completes the development of the agreed upon high priority items, we focus on delivering a ready to release version of your app to desired stores.

We work with your stakeholders (and our designers) to provide the correct copy and assets to help your store presence shine.

We also provide a 2 week grace period after releases to evaluate and fix any issues that may arise during the beginning release period of your app

App Launch & Maintenance

Follow ups & Updates

Through our monthly newsletter we ensure that you stay up to date with the latest from our team.

Additionally, we'll reach out once a year to check in on how your app is doing, and if there's anything else that we can help with.

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© 2022 Digital Art Dealers. All rights reserved.