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Are you a young entrepreneur with an innovative idea but struggling to bring it to life? Do you have a business plan that requires a mobile app to take off, but don't have the technical expertise to develop it yourself? look no further, because digital art dealers is here to provide you with the solution you need


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IOS/Android Developer
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"Working with Gabriel was a complete pleasure... (he) was able to quickly understand the desired UI..."
React Native Developer
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"Gabe was incredible. He went above and beyond. Looking forward to working with him more!"
Mobile Developer
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Gabe has been an MVP candidate from day 1 at Journey. He's an exceptionally talented engineer, a natural leader, and equally important - a genuinely nice and fun....
React Native Developer
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Gabe is great! Highly recommended!
Cross Platform Developer
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Have hired Gabe multiple times for cross platform app work (ios and android) and each time has been terrific. He is good at estimating the work, he sticks to time tables, is responsive to client requests and understands both the technical requirements and the user interface requirements well. I will use him again at any opportunity that ifts

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Our engineering team focuses on providing scalable solutions for any project. While our preferred tech strack is illustrated below, our tem is always for new challenges



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