Top 5 Memes – September 2023

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The month of September flew by, but not without leaving us some hilariously relatable programming memes to reminisce about. Between clocking 3k hours on Upwork, celebrating as my X community inches closer to a whopping 14k members, and seeing our newsletter subscriptions nearing the 1k mark, there’s been a lot to be thankful for. Each milestone motivates me to share more of the coding humor we all love. As we bid adieu to September and welcome the promises of 2024, I’ve curated a list of the top 5 programming memes that added a dash of humor to our coding quests last month. So, let’s dive into these laugh-out-loud moments and reminisce the light-hearted side of programming!

1. When programmers date


2. The life of being a programmer


3. Why are programming interviews so hard? 


4. Is PHP dead? 


5. As a programmer – don’t give up


The world of programming is vast, and the humor is endless. If these memes tickled your funny bone, there’s a lot more where that came from! Keep the laughter rolling by following me on X and Threads, and while you’re at it, why not join our ever-growing community by signing up for our weekly newsletter? You’ll get exclusive memes delivered straight to your inbox every week. It’s a fun way to take a breather from the code and share a laugh with fellow programmers. So, stay connected, keep sharing the humor, and let’s make the coding journey an amusing adventure together!

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