Top 5 Memes – October 2023

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October has been a milestone month with my professional engagements on UpWork nearing 3.5k hours, and my Twitter community approaching 15k followers. The excitement doesn’t end there; I’ve been diligently focusing on growing ‘Bingo‘, my app which has significantly streamlined my proposal-writing process, adding an extra $50k to my earnings since inception.


This month, a major upgrade was executed as the proposal generation logic was moved to the cloud, optimizing the quality of proposals while reducing token usage. The app is on the verge of reaching its first 1k installs, a promising indicator of its growing acceptance. Amidst these developments, my collection of October programming memes has been a light-hearted and fun journey. The balance between professional growth, community engagement, and a touch of humor makes the coding life an exciting adventure. With all that said, here’s this month’s best programming memes! Hope you enjoy!


2. what’s the best movie about programming?


3. As a programmer – what does a manager do?


4. As a programmer – what does JSON stand for?



The world of programming is vast, and the humor is endless. If these memes tickled your funny bone, there’s a lot more where that came from! Keep the laughter rolling by following me on X and Threads, and while you’re at it, why not join our ever-growing community by signing up for our weekly newsletter? You’ll get exclusive memes delivered straight to your inbox every week. It’s a fun way to take a breather from the code and share a laugh with fellow programmers. So, stay connected, keep sharing the humor, and let’s make the coding journey an amusing adventure together!

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