The Best Memes This Week  – Episode 005

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The past week has truly been an exhilarating ride! Amidst the whirlwind of challenges, there were moments when drama seemed to overshadow everything. However, I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve managed to navigate those stormy waters, and we’re now sailing smoothly. A big shoutout to resilience and perseverance!


In addition to conquering the unexpected hurdles, I also had the privilege of celebrating my birthday. And what a celebration it was! From savoring delectable dishes to raising a toast with exquisite drinks, the festivities were in full swing. But the cherry on the cake? Creating and sharing some absolutely stellar programming memes with our amazing community. It’s been a true delight to see how memes can bridge the gap between coding jargon and humor.


Over time, I’ve been embracing the art of meme creation as an expressive outlet. While it might sound straightforward, crafting 8 memes daily is no small feat! Yet, every meme is a testament to my growing passion and the love I receive from all of you.


Without further ado, I present to you the top 5 memes that resonated profoundly with our community this week. Dive in, and I hope they bring a smile to your face!


5. What does a manager do?


4. How do you handle agism?


3. Corporate or startups?


2. Write code every day!



Remember to come back every Monday for our weekly recap! If you want more programming memes like this, make sure to follow me on X or Threads and sign up for our weekly newsletter for exclusive weekly memes!

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