5 ways to make your Github stand out

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There’s no sense in writing the best code in the world if no one can see it… Well, there are, but still, there are so many benefits to upping your GitHub page, you’d be wrasdf not to do it.

Here are 5 ways to make your GitHub page stand out

Add emojis

An about me section with some emojis says more than 1.1 million words

Emojis are a little cute and inviting way to represent bullet points in my opinion. Use them responsibly

Mention your tech stack

Let people know what you know at first glance

Not everybody looking at your GitHub will be a programmer. Let anybody who visits your page know what you know by providing an easy way to view your tech stack.

Add your GitHub Stats





















Cough Cough… my current Github stats

Let everybody know how much code you’re actually writing, it’s an easy and awesome way to show anybody visiting your page that, YOU CAN CODE.

Use memes

A meme generator I’m using on my page

You know what’s better than a picture that says more than 1k words? A meme that makes you silently laugh under your breath. #IYKYK

Consistently make contributions

My current contribution chart

What can I say here? If you contribute a lot, not only will your github look great, but you’ll also get better at being a programmer.



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