5 VS code plugins every programmer needs

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In the last year, I’ve made over 1k contributions on GitHub using react native. I try to write code every day, and when I do, I always use VS Code.

Here are 5 extensions I use all the time

Code Snap

Code snap is awesome! It’s the easiest way to create a picture of your code that you can share with friends. I use it all the time when sharing code on social media, but have also used it to explain code architectures to my colleagues.

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Error Lens

Linting can be such a powerful tool. If you didn’t know, it tells your IDE of the code standards you want to follow, and it’ll show errors whenever you break those rules. Error Lens prettifies those errors on your IDE, so you never miss another again.

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Code Spell Check

You ever been coding so much you forget the spelling of simple words? You start questioning if the word knot, has one T or 2. Code spell checker, makes it so you never forget again, and the moment you do, it’ll remind ya.

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Live share

I use this almost on a weekly basis. It allows you and whoever you invite to the live share the ability to code together, all on your machine. So, if you have the fastest computer in the squad, or you’re the only one with a mac, everyone can code off your machine. It’s a thing of beauty.

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Github Copilot

I love github copilot. While it’s not free, it’s definitely worth the price I pay for it. It learns your coding style and the code you tend to repeat and recommends it as you program. Write less, do more, kind of thing

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What extensions are you using?

I know there’s millions of extensions out there, but I’m curious on what ya’ll are using? Please let me know below, and have an awesome day!

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