Boost Your Programming Proposals with Bingo's AI-Powered Solution - Stand Out, Save Time, and Land Your Dream Clients!


AI-Powered Personalization

Tailored cover letters with advanced AI analysis.

Easy Profile Setup

Add skills, awards, experience for smart integration.

Time-Saving Automation

Generate cover letters quickly, saving time.

Continuous AI Updates

Stay updated with industry trends and best practices

Real-time Editing

Intuitive interface for easy adjustments

Secure Cloud Storage

Access profile and drafts from any device.

Bingo is designed using the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to create proposals that are tailored to your unique requirements. Help us spread the word by upvoting our product on Product Hunt

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A: Our app uses advanced AI algorithms to analyze job descriptions and your profile information, creating tailored cover letters that cater to client’s specific needs.

A: Yes, our app is designed to create cover letters for any freelancing platform, making it a versatile tool for securing dream gigs across various platforms and direct client proposals.

A: We take data security seriously. Your profile information and cover letter drafts are securely stored in the cloud, and we follow industry best practices to protect your data.

A: Yes, we offer a free trial to help you explore the app’s features and see its benefits. For more information on our pricing plans, please visit the pricing section of our website.

A: Absolutely! Our real-time editing feature allows you to easily tweak and edit your cover letters on the fly, ensuring every proposal is tailored to perfection.

A: Our app is compatible with various devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. It is also accessible through popular we browsers.

A: To get started, simply sign up for an account, set up your profile with your skills, awards, and experience, and start generating personalized cover letters for your job proposals.

A: Yes, we continuously updated our AI algorithms to stay current with industry trends and best practices, ensuring that your cover letters are always on point.



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