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Based in Denver, Colorado, Digital Art Dealers is a fusion of expert developers and meme aficionados, led by Gabriel Higareda, a top 1% freelancer on UpWork with decades of meme-making experience. We're renowned for our high-quality mobile apps and our curated programming memes that blend humor, creativity, and tech nostalgia. With a strong presence on platforms like Twitter, Threads, and Facebook, we aim to infuse the tech world with laughter, one meme at a time.

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At Digital Art Dealers, we pride ourselves on creating artisanal, farm-to-table, one-of-a-kind memes that resonate with the tech community. Our memes are a blend of humor, creativity, and tech nostalgia, ensuring a fresh and relatable laugh every time.

We’re active meme enthusiasts! We regularly post memes on Threads and X several times daily. Additionally, we handpick our finest memes to feature on our Facebook page weekly. And for those who crave a consistent dose of humor, our curated meme newsletter is dispatched every Monday morning.

Absolutely! We love it when our memes are shared. All we ask is that you give credit to Digital Art Dealers and link back to our website when possible.

“Our selection is based on a combination of internal reviews, audience engagement, and feedback on our social media platforms. We aim to feature memes that have resonated the most with our community.

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